Queen Management and Making Nucs

Dorothey Morgan, President of KQBBAI will be teaching two topics at the Pulaski Extension Office.  Queen Management is how to keep your hive strong and productive.  Making Your Own Nucs, is where Dorothey will show you how to build your apiary by only purchasing queens.  In 2010 she purchased three nucs. Since then, she has not bought any bees except queens.
She has sold nucs, and queens. Her hive count this year is 30. She works closely with Purdue University Bee Lab and has been instrumental in bringing the Purdue mite chewers to Kentucky.
After completion of this free course, you will be awarded a coupon for 20% discount on any purchase of her virgin queens.

What: Queen Management and
Making Your Own Nucs
When: January 29, 2018, 6pm – 8pm
Where: 28 Parkway Drive, Somerset, KY
Info: 606-871-7300 or
Price: Free

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