Dorothy Morgan
President and founder of Kentucky Honey Bee Queen Breeders’ Association,
board member of Heartland Honey Bee Breeders Co-op, Instrumental
Inseminator, assistant to Krispn Given for his insemination programs, and
founding member of Sustainable Genetics Technology Network.
Dorothey has been a resident of Kentucky since 2001. That year she retired
from the Anchorage, Alaska Fire Department. She spent 23 years serving
Anchorage, as Master Firefighter, Swiftwater Tech., Auto Extraction Specialist,
and firehouse cook.
Dorothey began her honey bee passion in 2010, after reading the plight of the honey
bee. She began her journey joining the local Pulaski honey bee club, and took every
bee school she could, averaging 4 schools a year. Her honey bee career took off in
2016 at Purdue University Bee Lab. State Apreist Dr. Tammy Potter invited her to the
2016 Purdue Bee Fest with is where queens are inseminated and purchased through
Heartland Honey Bee Breeders’ Co-op. She took bee specialist Krispn Given’s
insemination class that year. In 2017 she inseminated over 80 queens with an amazing
survival rate that most professional inseminators would be proud to state. Later that
year Mr. Given asked her and she accepted to be his assistant during classes and
workshops. In March of 2018, she completed the Advanced Insemination Certification in
Huntington WV. That event was sponsored by the West Virginia Queen Producers
2016 Dr. Potter and a room full of honey bee enthusiasts formed Kentucky Queen Bee
Breeders. She was chosen to be president and with a very strong board and the help of
Dr. Potter 2017 proved to be a very successful year. She was elected again for 2018.
Dorothey was elected to Heartland Honey Bee Breeders Co-op board in 2017and took
on the task of being their treasurer.
Dwight Wells, Jamie Walter and Dorothey formed Sustainable Genetic Technology, a
network designed to bring high quality, mite resistant queens to the Midwest. They had
their first event in Springfield, OH at Hess’s farm. This year Lavender Lane Farm will
host their first event in May. This event will help Kentucky with its bee production by
providing queens when there is a honey bee flow,making queen acceptance easier.