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Our Story

Kentucky Queen Bee Breeders' Association Inc. began as a thought in the summer of 2016. We were at Purdue Bee Lab Insemination Fest with Dr. Tammy Potter, KY State Apiarist, Dwight Wells, founder of Heartland Honey Bee Breeders' Co-op, and Dorothey Morgan. Heartland markets Purdue's queens, (you must be a member of Heartland to purchase their breeder queens) We spent several days working together. Dwight's main conversation continued to be focused on Kentucky and for Dr. Potter and myself to form an association so Kentucky could be involved in the Purdue Heartland mission. Dr. Potter took it upon herself to really push the idea and she was the instrumental key in having this happen. 

We formed an Association on December 3nd. 2016 with the help of Dr. Potter and Nick Nickels. Dr. Potter set up the meeting and made many contacts, Mr. Nicklels registered us as a corporation, gave us our name and started the ball rolling. Our board was formed: David Davis, Kevin Hale, Nick Nickels, Dorothey Morgan, Chris Renfrow and that day we also chose officers: President, Dorothey Mogan, Vice President, David Davis, Treasurer, Joe Taylor, secretary, Kristi Willoughby. Later, after Kristi had health issues Claude Nutt took over her duties. We had support from the bee communities across the state joining our venture. Kentucky State Beekeepers gave us a grant of $500.00, Green River Bee Club gave us $100.00, Purdue Bee Lab took us into their grant program later in the spring and gave us $4000.00.  Within 30 days of the December meeting we were incorporated, had our by-laws, and was invited to join Heartland Honey Bee Breeders' Co-op which we were very excited to do.

Since then we have been involved in or sponsored 19 events ranging from grafting workshops to a Queen Producer Certification Workshop. 

At our General meeting on December the 2nd 2017, all officers were re-elected into their original seats. We ended the year with over $8,000.00 in our bank account. We will be even more active in 2018 than we were in 2017s beekeeper's world.

Meet the Team

Meet the KQBBAI Board of Directors.  They work hard across the state of Kentucky to meet the goals of our association!

Dorothy Morgan

Current President and Founder


David Davis

Vice President

Kevin Hale

Kevin Hale

Board Member


Claude Nutt



Joe Taylor


Regional Directory