Congratulations to the Kentucky Queen Bee Breeders Association President Dorothy Morgan who tied for votes and was named Beekeeper of the Year at the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association Fall Meeting.

KQBBA Recieves Grant

The Kentucky Queen Bee Breeders Association, Inc. (KQBBA), has been approved for over $11,000 in resources to send experts to promote hive health and disease resistance among queen bee producers in the Kentucky region......

Purdue Mite Biters

Grooming behavior in bees was one of the mite-fighting qualities we were all excited to find years ago. It led to screened bottom boards where some 20% of the mites groomed off of a bee fell through the screen and onto the ground never to be seen again.........

Our Mission

The Kentucky Queen Bee Breeders are dedicated Queen bee breeders who's mission is to improve the genetics of local honey bee queens to a sustainable level.


To educate local beekeepers in sustainable beekeeping and to help produce colonies that do not need chemical treatments to survive the Varroa, and some brood diseases such as Chalkbrood and sacbrood.

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